Saturday 4 August 2001

Studio Là-bas→, The Cable Factory, Helsinki

20:15-20:45: 48 Hours – Turku 2000: performance video: Non Grata

20:45-21:00: The First Visual Artists Visible from the Moon: video: The Icelandic Love Corporation

21:00-21:15: presentation: The Icelandic Love Corporation

21:15-21:30: performance: Paide 3/6

21:45-22:00: Connecting People: video: Nega

22:15-22:45: poetry performance, live sound: Pnmf!

23:00-23:15: sound performance: Suvanto

23:30-24:00: live sound, video projection: Pink Twins

24:15-01:15: Time. Space. Movement. – Audio and Video from the International Performance Bus Tour Estonia–Latvia–Lithuania, June 2001: sound, live sound, video projection: Lauri Luhta