Saturday 26 January 2002
Industrial Art for Industrial People

Studio Là-bas→, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

19:15-19:45: Myö-TV Here and Where: performance, live sound: Myö

20:15-20:45: 2001 Diary: performance, slide projection: Holiday Girls

20:15-21:30: 5, or: "Suomi Power!": performance, Lauri Luhta

21:45-22:00: Travel with a Donkey: video: Oliver Kochta; G: video: Simo Rouhiainen

22:15-22:45: Turntabilism with a Chainsaw: performance, live sound, video projection: Agnosia

22:45-23:00: The Wasp: performance, live sound: Felix Schröder, Irma Optimist

23:00-23:15: Eagle Valley: performance: Jaap Klevering

23:15-23:30: Walking the Sidewalk: live sound: Jaap Klevering, Jasper Klevering

23:45-00:15: live sound: Voima, Lauri Luhta

00:30-01:15: DJing: Lauri Luhta